Agriculture could be biggest user of commercial drones

The remote-controlled unmanned aerial vehicle has moved to the forefront of sophisticated technology in agriculture.  In one case to learn whether low-flying specialized cameras can detect soybean aphids, one of the most serious insect pests in the Upper Midwest. The growth in the drone market is expected to take off after the Federal Aviation Administration finalizes … [Read more…]

Small Businesses to Benefit from Drones

America’s small businesses may stand to benefit more from inexpensive drone technology than the big corporations such as Amazon and Facebook.  Panelists supporting small businesses argued for clear and uncomplicated rules on the commercial use of drones at a House hearing Wednesday. Mike Gilkey, chief executive of 3D Aerial Solutions, a Dayton, Ohio-based company that provides drone technology for commercial … [Read more…]

Nokia To Replace Some Jobs With Drones

A drone explosion is building up on the horizon and Nokia Corporation is just one many companies weighing in on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to unlock new potential.  Nokia has announced a plan to utilize drones in place of humans for some cell tower inspection and maintenance., has also announced a drone delivery program as they plan to increase delivery … [Read more…]

Drone Pilot Salary: $100,000

Interested in joining the growing drone and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry but not sure if it will pay the bills?  You’ll be glad to hear that big companies such as Amazon and Facebook are paying over $100,000 a year for experienced drone pilots and engineers. As many as 100,000 new jobs will be created in … [Read more…]

Nevada’s drone industry prepares for takeoff

The Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems considers Nevada “the birthplace of the UAS industry.”   Once regarded as only military weapons or hobbyists’ toys, Drones appear poised to become mainstream in the United States and already have become big business in Nevada. In a small garage in downtown Las Vegas, two entrepreneurs from a tiny … [Read more…]

Jobs for drones are set to take off

MSNBC reports that Unmanned Vehicle Systems International estimates the economic impact of the drone industry could reach $82.1 billion by 2025 and addition of 103,000 jobs.  Steven Gitlin, vice president of marketing and communications of AeroVironment says “Some people think that the commercial market for unmanned aircraft systems can be much bigger than the military market.” Read the … [Read more…]